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With 40+ years of legal experience as a lawyer, professor, and judge, Charlie Baird has represented and presided over countless cases. And while all cases are treated with the utmost important, some of these cases were monumental in Texas legal history, including the Timothy Cole case.

We invite you to read about some of Charlie’s cases to reassure you of Baird Law Firm’s dedication to championing due process and rigorously protective the rights of individuals.

Tim Cole Case

Timothy Cole

In February 2009, Charlie Baird presided over hearings related to the case of Tim Cole, a Texas Tech University student convicted of raping a fellow student in 1985. This was perhaps one of the biggest cases of Charlie’s legal career. The Cole case marked the first time in Texas history where an individual was posthumously exonerated.

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McCombs Today Article

Charlie Baird’s Love Affair With the Law – This article from August, 2011 is an excellent Q & A interview with Charlie (a University of Texas Alum). The interview was conducted by McCombs Today, the online journal of the University of Texas School of Business.

Charlie Baird: An Introduction

In 2011, Charlie Baird launched a run against Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg representing the Democratic Primary. This video was filmed to promote his campaign and is an excellent overview of Charlie’s history and philosophy of practicing law.